AIM Maternal Safety Initiative

NMPC is the New Mexico representative for The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM), a national data-driven maternal safety and quality improvement initiative based on interdisciplinary, proven best-practices to improve maternal safety and outcomes in the U.S.

The AIM Maternal Safety Initiative supports this work through the following strategies:

Improving Perinatal Health ECHO
Improving Perinatal Health (IPH) ECHO tele-mentoring sessions support the implementation of AIM maternal safety bundles in New Mexico hospitals and birthing centers and are a forum for the dissemination of best practices focused on readiness, recognition and prevention, response, and reporting/systems learning. Diverse providers from across the state, including our enrolled hospitals teams, regularly attend the sessions. FREE CME/Pharmacy and Nursing CEU credits and MOC available for participants.

Individual Team Assistance
NMPC provides free technical support to AIM enrolled hospital teams on safety bundle implementation, data analysis, and improvement goal setting.

The NMPC Outreach Team consists of providers and NMPC staff who travel to and visit with hospital teams across the state to provide on-site, place-based trainings.

Active Safety Bundles
Obstetric HemorrhageSevere Hypertension in PregnancySubstance Use DisorderRacial/Ethinic Disparities
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