The New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is a nonprofit association created by stakeholders with the objective of improving the healthcare of women and children in New Mexico. We encourage best practice methods in the care of women and children. We work to share those best practices with healthcare facilities and providers throughout the state.
Currently, our Collaborative operates through funding from the McCune Foundation, the NM Department of Health, and the National Institute for Reproductive Health as well as in-kind donations of time from board members, team leads, and others. We have also received limited project-specific and operational funds from groups including American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and March of Dimes. We are working to obtain additional funding through government and private foundation grants.
The New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the care given to women & newborns in our state. Some of these include collaborating with healthcare providers to establish standardized neonatal care guidelines, making sure there is a proper allocation of resources within hospitals, and making LARC more accessible postpartum.
We’ve assembled a progressive-thinking committee that is made up of various healthcare providers and public and nonprofit representatives to generate ideas, analyze data, seek funding, and work together to accomplish our goal of improving women’s and newborn care and treatment within our healthcare systems.
The New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is a unique forum for multi-disciplinary, statewide collaboration on improving the quality of perinatal care and increasing access to contraception.
We encourage everyone including public officials, healthcare providers, women, and advocates to get involved! No matter your field of interest, whether it be wanting to join the committee or wanting to simply spread the word of what we do, we invite you to contact us to discuss more! Contact Us HERE