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The NM Perinatal Collaborative envisions statewide health equity through the provision of safe, high-quality, and respectful reproductive, maternity, and newborn care for New Mexico women and families.

The mission of the New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is to convene stakeholders to achieve health equity through the promotion of evidence-based reproductive and perinatal health practices that
– Increase collaboration with communities and across healthcare disciplines
– Focus on quality improvement strategies
– Empower healthcare teams statewide to offer the highest quality perinatal care

New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is Here to Help

We love New Mexico, and we want to see our mothers and their newborns receive the best possible health care. As a nonprofit organization, our goal is transparent: to advance the level of maternal & newborn care statewide. By creating a place that encourages critical dialogue, we can support hospitals throughout New Mexico in improving health outcomes for women and children during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Knowledge is power, and by identifying best practices and sharing these among our hospitals and communities we can improve the quality of care in our state. We invite you to learn more about how the New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative is working to improve the care that mothers and babies receive in New Mexico.

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Give Them a Healthy Future

Comprehensive newborn maternal care in New Mexico can improve outcomes for women and infants, and we’re proud to currently be the only organization in the state that has made this their primary focus. The first and most important step is providing support for :

  • the providers who care for women and newborns,
  • hospitals that emphasize evidence-based care leading to quality outcomes, and
  • the women of our state.

The term healthcare provider is often used to reference a broad group of medical professionals including physicians, nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses. For the sake of inclusiveness and brevity, we use the term here to indicate the participation and work of this broad range of professionals. We recognize that many do not prefer global terms and we ask your tolerance. We invite the participation of all healthcare professionals who interact with and care for women and infants. As a group, we can most effectively identify and implement the improvements necessary for greater quality care. We look forward to working with you.

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